Health and human services for all underserved communities

Health and human services is one of the key component duties provided by the County of San Diego as it relates to the fourth supervisory district (District 4).  It is extremely important that all citizens within District 4 are clearly informed and educated on the available services and how and where to access they services.

As a proven community leader and advocate, I will use community engagement techniques with existing county resources, my supervisory staff, enhanced technology and nonprofit organizations to assist in achieving this vital function. I will use the existing District 4 budget allowance as well as funding from the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program to fund this program.

Homeless crisis

We can no longer kick the can of solving our regional homeless crisis down the road.  There are many ideas and planning currently in process, with county leadership involvement.  However, I believe we must look at this crisis as an opportunity for the current homeless population, citizens seeking employment and non-profit and for-profit organizations looking for services and business prospects.

I believe county must take a lead role in delivery, supervision and management of the health and human service which will be required to assist the homeless population in whatever may be final model to reduce and eventually end this crisis.

The county should first hire a consultant to review the current homeless population, the proposed model to address this crisis, the county workforce and non-profits and for-profit organizations capacity to provide services. Use the collected data to produce a long-term plan which will address the needed staffing and outsourcing to support the plan as it relates to providing health and human services. By having a plan based on facts and data will enable the county to reflect the need to propose additional staffing and out sourcing in a controlled responsible method which will not interfere with current services. 

There is current funding for the consultant services located in the county reserve. The use of this funding should easily qualify as a onetime funding project under the current Supervisor policy for the use of unassigned funds.